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Company Profile


TSC Moto Race Co., Ltd (TSC) started from a traditional motorcycle workshop and experienced traditional motorcycle parts sales and wholesale.  Our interest grew out of wanting to provide quality products and services and entered the boutique motorcycling market.  We also grew through participating in domestic motorcycling races and attending domestic and international motorcycling exhibitions. We now provide expert design, development, wholesale, domestic and international sales of peripheral parts for light-duty motorcycles and scooters.


TSC has assembled an excellent team that has a passion for motorcycles.  We have accumulated a wealth of racing experience deepening our understanding of customers’ needs.  TSC researches and develops various boutique kits in order to constantly seek to improve and innovate.  With this spirit, we create personalized products, improve performance and safety and enhance the fun of riding a motorcycle.


The predecessor of the TSC is the TSC Ten Technology Research (TTTR). We have gathered the same sport loving partners through involving in the domestic light-duty motorcycle competitions which started TTTR’s commitment to various categories of motor racing.  A fleet of TSC teams were formed.  Continuous learning through our rookie stages led to the first national team with three consecutive championships resulting ultimately in the development of GP-DREAM products brand.


The GP-DREAM brand was founded in 2003 deriving from racing car technology thinking, combined with current motorcycle trends. We strive to create a personality and performance orientation to have the same level of sophistication as racing car technology with security and visual impact.  Related modified parts have also emerged as our business has grown.


Our GP-DREAM range focuses on light-duty motorcycle racing accessories, providing high-quality and high-performance products in electrical systems, engine systems, exhaust systems, transmission systems, suspension systems, brake systems and frame systems.


TSC created the MotorBrother brand in 2012 originating from motorcyclists’ interactive culture to share the spirit of mutual assistance, liberation and the motorcyclists’ brotherhood. Our product design reflects that free spirit, interactive performance, and a practical orientation.

The MotorBrother trademark is mainly green representing youth, vitality and justice. Our product development focuses on scooter riders’ culture to provide body accessories, lamp accessories, performance enhancement accessories, transmission system accessories, brake enhancement accessories and motorcycle handling accessories.

Both GP-Dream and MotorBrother brands are the few well-known products that are capable of providing complete conversion kits. We have a deep understanding of the technology and characteristics of motorcycles. We also have a first-class marketing headquarters and distribution bases. Our own R&D team and manufacturing equipment are dedicated to serving our customers.

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