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The GP DREAM trademark is mainly red representing avant-garde, passion and dream.  The Grand Prix or GP is the two-wheeled vehicles’ highest competition hall and we like to dream big.  Hence, GP DREAM.

The predecessor of the TSC Moto Race Co., Ltd is the TSC Ten Technology Research (TTTR). We have gathered the same sport loving partners through involving in the domestic light-duty motorcycle competitions which started TTTR’s commitment to various categories of motor racing.  A fleet of TSC teams were formed.  Continuous learning through our rookie stages led to the first national team with three consecutive championships resulting ultimately in the development of GP-DREAM products brand.

The GP-DREAM brand was founded in 2003 deriving from racing car technology thinking, combined with current motorcycle trends. We strive to create a personality and performance orientation to have the same level of sophistication as racing car technology with security and visual impact.  Related motorcycling parts have also emerged as our business has grown.

Our product design is based on exquisiteness, performance and high quality to enhance the fun of the motorcycle modification.  Our products have many domestic patents and yet we still maintain the ideal of continuous innovation and continue to create quality products.



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