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GP C63

Oil Dipstick + Removal Tool

Hexagonal hand lock with holes
Basic anti-opening function
Practical and comfortable to use
Aluminum alloy with CNC cutting
With removal tool
Achieved texture finish with fine knife pattern


GP C63 Oil Dipstick

  1. Hexagonal handle lock with holes, with basic anti-opening function

  2. Featuring Aluminum alloy cutting with fine groves

  3. Five specifications correspond to various types of motorcycles.

Corresponding motorcycles:

GP C63_Corresponding.png

MB Decompression Dipstick

The average person will always resist the long-distance driving of a two-wheeled vehicle. In addition to the physical load, another important factor is that the condition of a motorbike is hard to control overtime.

This product is a very important aid to release the high temperature heat accumulated in the oil tank lowering the oil temperature and pressure after a long-distance trip to avoid the oil deteriorating prematurely.  This will ensure the good working condition of a vehicle and take away the fear to travel long distance by a two-wheeled vehicle.

On the other hand, if the engine tank maintains a high pressure when necessary, it can make the shifting more sensitive when the vehicle is in low speed and the torque is easier to release to the ground.

Automatic decompression design
Reduce engine operating temperature
Prevent oil from deteriorating quickly


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