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GP Twin Gun Rear

Shock Absorber


Damping extension, side adjustment of 20 segments
Oil pressure regulator 10mm
Stroke 80mm
Center rod diameter 12.5mm
CNC cutting piston integrated molding, diameter 33mm
Tray height 20mm, spring is not easy to deform
Spring sparse design overcomes secondary pressure
External heightening seat [20mm]


Corresponding motorcycles:
BWS'R / Four Generations of Fight / Thunder S

GP Prince Gun Single Rear

Shock Absorber with Sub-Tank 260L

An oil and gas separation design
Full CNC cutting
Made of T7075 aluminum alloy
Damper extension, side adjustable 22 segments
Pressure side adjustable for 22 segments
Center rod ø 16mm
Stroke 60mm
Piston ø 38mm
Standard spring pounds 800psi
Optional spring pounds 1000, 1200 psi

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