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Forging manufacturing


10,000 tons of pressure under forging results in a 50% increase in material strength and density.


Precision lathe processing

MB黑POWER 鍛造鈦金碗公(離合器外蓋)選擇使用強度及密度更高的鍛造合金鋼材料製成粗胚,再以CNC高精度加工製作成產品。以CNC加工製作產品可以很好的控制重量及精度,品質更穩定。

MB RFIG Forged  Bell Clutch Housing (clutch cover) is cast from forged alloy steel with higher strength and density, which is then processed with CNC high precision.  A CNC manufactured product can have the weight and precision controlled more accurately leading to a consistent quality outcome.


CNC milling machine processing

MB黑POWER 鍛造鈦金碗公全系列產品採用CNC加工,將真圓度誤差控制在±0.02mm,大幅度降低因碗公偏擺造成的動力流失,找回原有的動力。

The CNC machined and rounded MB  Forged Bell Clutch Housing has a true roundness error that is controlled at ± 0.02mm.  It greatly reduces the power loss caused by the bell clutch housing yaw and ensures that all original power is retained.



pro01_MB Black POWER13-6.jpg
pro01_MB Black POWER13-2.jpg




Product Features

  • 輻射造型設計,支撐性結構輕量化

  • 高精度CNC,大幅降低公差

  • 外層鍍鈦,經久耐用

  • 內層鍍銅,減少離合器打滑

  • PVD鍍膜技術,提升耐久性,增加表面硬度

  • 鍛造材質,輕量、強度高


  • Radiati structure on modeling design, the lightweight support.

  • High precision CNC, significantly reducing tolerances.

  • Titanium-plated outer layer for durability.

  • Inner layer copper plating to reduce clutch slippage.

  • PVD coating technology for improved durability and increased surface hardness.

  • Forged material, lightweight and high strength.


MotorBrother uses the tool to machine the 3D cross-corrugated friction surface in the inner groove of the bell, which is more wear-resistant than the common sandblasting or embossing treatment in the common workshop.Not only that the 3D cross pattern can also cause a self-locking phenomenon, effectively reducing the phenomenon of clutch slip, and will not cause excessive wear and tear of the clutch. Also, because the clutch and the bowl are slippery, the engine is more continuous to the rear wheel output, and the horsepower curve is smoother and smoother.



When it comes to temperature, MotorBrother's newly developed "whirlwind groove" must be promoted. The surface of the bowl's outer circle is cut by the CNC method. The design of the diagonal groove is tested by the wind tunnel and can be effectively rotated in the gearbox. Increase the bell impact area and air-guiding effect, and provide a better heat dissipation capability for the bell.

pro01_MB Black POWER13-4.jpg
pro01_MB Black POWER13-6.jpg
pro01_MB Black POWER13-10.jpg


MotorBrother uses new technology to combine titanium and copper film to make the membrane of the bell have anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties, and also has excellent adhesion.
Even if the bending at different angles occur, not insertion or peeling occurs, and the surface hardness is increased to improve the durability of the bell.



Product Features


In addition to solving the problem of slip and jitter, the modified bell has an increase in power.

pro01_MB Black POWER13-20.jpg
pro01_MB Black POWER13-21.jpg
pro01_MB Black POWER13-22.jpg
pro01_MB Black POWER13-23.jpg

想少少預算卻能有顯著效果,選擇MotorBrother「黑POWER 輻射固定式鈦金斜溝碗公」就對了!
Return to the throttle and accelerate again, feel the higher speed feeling at the same rpm.
With a small budget, it has a significant effect. Choosing MotorBrother "RFIG Titanium Bowl" is right.

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