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Embedded Caliper Seat

The caliper seat is the connector of the front fork and the caliper and is part of the brake system. At present, most of the caliper seat on the market is one-way link. This method will generate lateral force when the caliper is actuated, which will easily cause the front fork to shake.  This will make the shock absorber to be unstable, the front fork bounce frequency to be high, and the brake accuracy not able to be sustained.

The patented Embedded Caliper Seat of the MotorBrother has greatly improved this situation. Our embedded caliper seat, in a very limited space, adds a ㄇ-shaped groove and uses the principle of triangular mechanics to strengthen the resistance against the left and right lateral movement of the caliper seat. On the other hand, the combined area of the brake caliper and the front fork is also increased, which is advantageous for improving stability. At the time of production, we strive for high accuracy and minimize tolerances.  The weight of the brake system itself is also part of the inertial force, so the lightweight caliper seat can directly increase the braking effect.

It is applicable to the original fork but not for the modified front fork.

Invention patent No. I 507320


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