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MB Clutch

Each drive brand has its own professional power setting.  The clutch is a consumable item for the motorcycle.  It needs to be replaced after a fixed time or mileage. The brands on the market have different power outputs and durability settings. In the fierce competition of many brands, TCS Race Co., Ltd.(TSC) has developed a new clutch using a new mold, passing field and user tests. We launched the Black POWER clutch.

The Black POWER clutch upholds the most stable and efficient output ideal.  The shoe is made of advanced composite material without asbestos and is environmentally friendly.  The shoe area is increased by 60%.  Its occlusal surface is large and is not easy to slip. The arc is precision grounded.  It is closer to the true circle when it is opened reaching the maximum surface area.

The Black POWER clutch shoes, when compared with the original factory item, have an increased area of 60%, so the transmission power does not slip.  With independent gears, higher verticality and true roundness, this allows the self-lubricating bearings to rotate more smoothly to withstand greater forces.  The clutch spring is one circle less from the original one which allows the clutch shoes to have a faster response speed.

The precision of shoe blocks and bearing contributes greatly to the efficiency and durability of the clutch in addition to the shoes.  The original clutch shoe is tightly coupled to the bearing, so the clutch has excellent durability.  The precision of the MB Black POWER clutch shoe block is the same quality as that of the original factory item.  The bearing is changed to a self-lubricating bearing.  In addition to the efficiency, the improved durability can be compared with the original parts.

The Black POWER clutch shoes increase the area by 60%.  Its clutch spring reacts faster and the clutch shoe block has high precision and durability.  The clutch applies the side plane grinding that the original factory item does not have which makes the high-turning smoother. The overall design can increase the effective output time of the clutch by up to 30%~50%.  The MB Clutch output is the most stable and efficient. It is worth your trust.


pro02_MB Black POWER Clutch05.png

MB Clutch
(Green Edition)

The Green Edition clutch is for the original factory product or a vehicle with little modification. The clutch shoe is soft skin! Buy MB Forging Blue Titanium Clutch Bell and get this Green Edition clutch free!

MB Clutch

(Yellow Edition)

Yellow Edition clutch is for motorcycles with a lot of modification.  The clutch shoe is hard skin!  Your are to make up the price difference when you purchase MB Forging Blue Titanium Clutch Bell and choose Yellow Edition clutch.

pro02_MB Black POWER Clutch06.png

MB Clutch (Yellow Edition) Product Features

  1. Generally known as hard-skin clutch, it is made of metal sintered material and contains high-composite metal friction material which can effectively withstand the high heat generated by the friction of the shoe.

  2. The friction of the high composite metal sintered material is more than twice that of the general high pressure molded material, so it can generate higher friction in a short time to withstand higher instantaneous joint strength.

  3. Keep the clutch engagement time shorter and there will be no slippage caused by the clutch half-engagement. This type of clutch is more suitable for vehicles with large horsepower or large engine changes.

Precautions :

  1. The titanium version of the clutch is noisy.

  2. It is not suitable for use with textured or embossed bell housings which may shorten the use time of products.

Applicable vehicle type :

GY6/Fighter /J-POWER/GT/Pentium G3.G4/GP/G5-G6-125 (10 inches frame) /IRX BWS/Cygnus/Carriage/GTR-125/OZ Thunder 125.150/Pentium G5.G6 (12 inches frame) / RV150/TIGRA-150 (KN7 engine) / G-MAX200.220

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